tlc Buddhist meditation retreat, teachings of ancient and modern philosophy. On Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 35°46'23"S 137°46'32"E. Non-sectarian, open to everyone wishing to progress on the path of
serenity, knowledge and wisdom.
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To encourage to wisdom and serenity, through knowledge, the culture of psycho-physical balance and a non-violent way of life.

Study of the Buddha's teachings through the original Pâli texts. Investigation of their relationship to other philosophies of the Antiquity (e.g. the Greek philosophers Heraclitus and Epicurus), and to modern philosophies (Darwinian, Nietzschean, etc).

Investigation of Buddhist wisdom in connection to scientific discoveries in mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology. Emphasis on the connection between wisdom and a deep understanding of evolutionary science.

The teachers encourage a personal in-depth integration of the Dhamma by focusing on the practitioner's interaction with his/her environment and through an appropriate practice of Buddhist meditation.

The young Buddha, Siddhârtha. Cast by Khmer artist Hac-Team Ngo; photo P. Bittar Method:
Each session includes Dhamma teachings and guided meditation practice.

Reading of original teachings of the Buddha.

Explanation of Dhamma concepts and Sanskrit/Pâli key words enlightened by ancient Greek philosophy and modern science.

Answers to questions by students, practical application of the Buddha wisdom to daily life.

Each meditator gets personal attention to facilitate progress in the practice of meditation and the development of wisdom.

The young Buddha, Siddhârtha
Cast by Khmer artist Hac-Team Ngo; photo P. Bittar
Teachings can be provided in both English and French.
In principle, on Saturday or Sunday 09:50-12:30, but for occasional visitors they can be held on other days.
Your teachers

The teachers: Dr Bittar Gabriel Jîvasattha ("Science of Life"), a researcher with a PhD in Interdisciplinary Sciences (short c.v.) from the University of Geneva and researcher in numerical phylogenetics at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, University of Geneva.
Assistance is given by Jîvasattha's wife, Jacqueline Agnès Jîvarakkhî ("Protector of Life"). Jacqueline and Gabriel have been happily living together for more than 25 years, with their feline companions.

Both have discovered the teachings of the Buddha through the Theravâda tradition; they have been instructing Buddhist philosophy and meditation for more than ten years, in Geneva, Switzerland, and Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

In the Theravâda tradition, Dhamma teaching is a free donation (dâna) by the teachers, and reciprocal support donations by the students are possible and encouraged.

Accordingly, for people who wish to stay at Buddhâyatana,Picture GalleryBuddhâyatana Mission Statement for a meditation and Dhamma-study retreat, the only fees are for accommodation and food. We have simple, but reasonably comfortable camping-style accommodation, with sheltering, electricity, toilet, hot shower and kitchen sink. Please bring your sleeping bag and towels - for international wanderers, lightly equipped, we can provide mattresses, linen and towels. In the tradition of dâna, those on retreat may contribute to the running costs of the place and particularly the library, with gifts of vegetarian food, candles or incense, monetary donations in the dâna vase, and/or with contribution in work. Those students and meditators who prefer to stay at the boutique Lodge pay the B&B tariff.

Retreaters are required to leave behind all electronic devices for the duration of their retreat, i.e. mobile phones, cameras, CD players, radios etc., to inquire about keeping or not their computers and to check with the teachers what readings are advisable and which are not. Drinking alcohol or smoking is not allowed. Feeding must be based on the respect of nature and the principles of non-violence, thus food must be vegetarian and polluting packaging avoided.

A few texts:

Texts by Jîvasattha:

Food and Buddhism

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(warrawee basically means, in a number of aboriginal languages, "welcome, come up and rest")
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