Buddhâyatana mission statement

Mission statement (draft) – Objectifs (projet)  – Objektive (Entwurf)


Buddhâyatana (Buddha-âyatana, “abode of the Buddha”) is at the present time the founding location of a projected Foundation, called Buddhayatana (Buddha-yatana, “endeavour of the Awakened One”).

Its objective is to promote the Way of the Buddha, in respect of tradition and with awareness to science and modern conditions.

Underlying this objective is an intention to help non Buddhists to become aware of the Buddha’s teachings and the Way Things Are (the “Dhamma”), as well as to help Buddhists to better understand the Dhamma and to better practice on the Way.

Accordingly, the objects and purposes of Buddhayatana are:


01. To encourage to wisdom and serenity, through knowledge, the culture of psycho-physical balance and a non-violent way of life.
02. To promote the teachings of the Buddha through their Pâli texts.
03. To investigate their relationship to other philosophies of the Antiquity (e.g. the Greek philosophers Heraclitus and Epicurus), and to modern philosophies (Darwinian, Nietzschean, etc).
04. To investigate Buddhist wisdom in connection to scientific discoveries in mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology.
05. To further in particular the connection between wisdom and a deep understanding of evolutionary science.
06. To promote the understanding that every being is practically nothing in the order of things, but is nevertheless wholly responsible of its deeds and conduct, and of the accomplishment or not of its destiny.
07. To promote understanding of the laws and requirements of global ecology, and of the ethical responsibility of every human being.
08. To promote justice, kindness and compassion towards all sentient beings.
09. To promote a general attitude and an ethical way of life which are compatible with responsibility and compassion, and which are focused on the understanding of life rather than on greediness and personal entertainment.
10. To promote vegetarianism or vegetalianism, and any behaviour which is minimally polluting, e.g. avoiding the purchase of over-packaged items and the unneeded use of plastics.

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